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The Robert Frost Farm
Derry, NH
(1900 to 1911)

Side view of the Robert Frost Farm which the Frost family lived in from 1900 to 1911.

The farm raised chickens and had two hired men; one died on the farm as is the "Death of a the Hired Man" was written; as well as the majority of "North of Boston" poems and essays.  The portion of the house with no windows is the privy, followed by the laundry room, through the kitchen area you entire the dining room and then study.

Robert Frost (1912)
"On the Sale of My Farm"

Well-away and be it so,
To the Stranger Let them go.
Even Cheerfully I yield
Pasture or chard, mowing-field,
Yea and wish him all the gain
I required of them in vain.
Yea, and I can yield him house,
Barn, and shed, with rat and mouse
To dispute possession of.
These I can unlearn to love.
Since I cannot help it? Good!
Only be it understood,
It shall be no trespassing
If I come again some spring
In the grey disguise of years,
Seeking ache of memory here.

Robert Frost could never pass a farm house without falling in love.   This home was his first farm house, not however, his last farm house in New Hampshire.

Photography by Jennifer

Photograph by:  Jennifer R. Bernard

Date:  August 2007

Film:  Black and White silver based film:  Kodak

Camera:  Canon Rebel 35 mm

Flash:  None, natural light.

Filter:  None

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